What is a Subshell?

  • Whenever you run a shell script, it creates a new process called subshell.
  • A Subshell can be used to do parallel processing.
  • If you start another shell on top of your current shell, it can be referred to as a subshell. Type the following command to see subshell value:


echo "Current shell: $BASH_SUBSHELL"; ( echo "Running du in subshell: $BASH_SUBSHELL" ;cd /tmp; du 2>/tmp/error 1>/tmp/output)

Exporting Functions and Variables

A subshell does not inherit a variable's setting. Use the export command to export variables and functions to subshell:

export WWWJAIL
die() { echo "$@"; exit 2; } 
export -f die
# now call script that will access die() and $WWWJAIL
/etc/nixcraft/setupjail -d cyberciti.com