Shell Script to display current date, calendar, and the number of user logged

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This script use the concept of command substitution. It allows allows the output of a command to replace the command name. There are two forms:




Bash shell performs the expansion by executing command and replacing the command substitution with the standard output of the command, with any trailing newlines deleted. Embedded newlines are not deleted, but they may be removed during word splitting.

For example you can execute date command to display todays date and then set a variable called NOW:
To display back variable value simply run echo command:
echo $NOW

Sample Shell Script

Shell Script to ask user his / her name and then display it with a G’Day/Good morning message

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This script greets user with a message. Then it displays prompt asking user her name. Once name entered it will display Gooday message using echo command.

read statement will read one line from the user (keyboard) or from file and store it to a variable called yourname.

Script to Store given command and execute them

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Write script to store the following command and execute them:
a) date
b) echo “Message”
c) cal

Shell script to find the number of files present in the current directory without using WC command

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Shell Script To Display The Text Entered By The User in Bold

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Write a shell script to display the text entered by the user in bold?

You need to use the tput utility to display text in bold. It uses the terminfo database to make the values of terminal-dependent capabilities and information available to the shell, to initialize or reset the terminal, or return the long name of the requested terminal type. tput bold turns on bold (extra bright) mode.