FreeBSD ipfw Traffic Shaping Firewall Script

in Categories Firewall, Networking, Security last updated September 27, 2013

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  1. Linux netlimiter tools and scripts for traffic shaping per process…It’s very needed because my bandwidth is totally congested by unwanted processes.

    Can u upload the script so i can use that for real time environment?
    Thank you! Waiting for the scripts…

  2. Please upload the scripts for traffic shaping per process to kill bandwidth hugging process…
    With Regards

  3. Could someone change “don’t” to “do not” so the syntax highlighting isn’t confused?

    Thanks for the nice example for the queueing, and high to separate statements into functional blocks.

  4. I could not see what will make packets enter on rule 310 or 330 ?
    Both seems to be equal ??

    #General traffic, assign higher priority for home users
    $fwcmd add 310 queue 11 ip from $internal to any out via ${oif}

    #General traffic low priority
    $fwcmd add 330 queue 21 ip from $internal to any out via ${oif}

    And… could you provide the “rc.conf” file for this example too ?


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