Shell / sed Program To Remove All C and C++ Comments From Program File

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Write the shell / sed program which remove all the comments from a simple C program stored in your current directory. You can assume that the c source code contains only syntactically correct comments:
+ start with // and end with a newline

+ starting with /* and ending */ (can be multiline)

+ nesting of comments is not allowed

Make sure that C source is not changed at all.

How do I use this sed script?

$ ./script.sed < input.c $ ./script.sed < input.c > output.c
$ for c in *.c; do script.sed < $c > /tmp/zyzcc.c; /bin/cp -f /tmp/zyzcc.c $c; done

Sample sed code to remove all comments from sed

Please note that this program is copied from public domain.

Shell script to read a character (upper or lower), digit, special symbol and display message according to the character entered

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This script uses sed command to find out all digits or upper characters. -z string (conditional expression) will return true if the length of string is zero.

Script logic

Read one character
[1] Use sed command to determine input character is digit or not (sed -e ‘s/[A-Z]//g’))

[2] Attempt to match regex [0-9] i.e. all digit against the pattern space

[3] If successful, replace that portion matched with replacement // i.e. do nothing.
If digits are in input, it will replace all those digit, and if input is only digit, nothing is left i.e. string is zero and that is what tasted with -z conditional expression.