Shell script to update original visitor IP for nginx when using Cloudflare

in Categories Automation & Management, Web Server last updated April 28, 2017

Cloudflare is a CDN, DNS, WAF, DDoS protection, and reverse proxy service. You need to use the ngx_http_realip_module module to change the client address sent in the specified header field such as CF-Connecting-IP or X-Forwarded-For. This shell script downloads a list of IPv4 and IPv6 address from Cloudflare and generates an updated /etc/nginx/cloudflare.real.ip.conf file:

RHEL / CentOS Linux: Nginx Chroot Jail Start / Stop / Restart Shell Script

in Categories Security last updated September 5, 2016

A simple shell script to start / stop / restart chrooted nginx web server under CentOS / RHEL Linux. You must have Nginx web server setup in a chroot (jail) so that you can minimizes the damage done by a potential break-in by isolating the web server to a small section of the filesystem. You can also mount $jail/tmp as a separate filesystem (/images/tmpfile.bin) with the noexec,nosuid, nodev options under Linux like operating systems.