Shell Script To Read IP Address ( Find Ip Address Script )

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Shell script to General FreeBSD and Linux System information

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Shell script to display general FreeBSD and Linux System information such as, Hostname, OS version, Kernel version, Processor/CPU, Total RAM, System load, network interface, total logged in users, Hard disks, Runlevel etc in neat format.

How do I use the script?

You need to download following two files for FreeBSD operating systems:

  1. File # 1 Save this file as /usr/local/etc/bashmonscripts
  2. File # 2 : Save this file as /usr/local/etc/defaults.conf

For Linux system, you need to update /usr/local/etc/defaults.conf to point out exact binary path location. /usr/local/etc/bashmonscripts is nothing but functions library used by this script. bashmonscripts works under both Linux and FreeBSD.