Shell script to install libdvdcss under Debian GNU Linux to play DVDs that use css for encryption

in Categories Desktop last updated April 9, 2008
# Shell script to install libdvdcss under Debian GNU Linux
# Many DVDs use css for encryption.  To play these discs, a special library 
# is needed to decode them, libdvdcss.  Due to legal problems, Debian and most
# Linux distibutions cannot distribute libdvdcss
# Use this shell script to install the libdvdcss under DEBIN GNU/Linux
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Refer url for more info:
# Copyright info -
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This script is part of nixCraft shell script collection (NSSC)
# Visit for more information.
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
set -e
arch=$(dpkg --print-installation-architecture)
#available="alpha hppa i386 ia64 powerpc s390 sparc"
if ! type wget > /dev/null ; then
    echo "Install wget and run this script again"
    exit 1
for a in $available; do
    if [  "$a" = "$arch" ]; then
	wget ${site}libdvdcss${soname}_${version}_${arch}.deb -O /tmp/libdvdcss.deb
	dpkg -i /tmp/libdvdcss.deb
	exit $?
echo "No binary deb available.  Will try to build and install it."
echo "You need to have debhelper, dpkg-dev and fakeroot installed."
echo "If not, interrupt now, install them and rerun this script."
echo ""
echo "This is higly experimental, look out for what happens below."
echo "If you want to stop, interrupt now (control-c), else press"
echo "return to proceed"
read dum
mkdir -p /tmp/dvd
cd /tmp/dvd
wget ${site}libdvdcss_${uversion}.orig.tar.gz
wget ${site}libdvdcss_${version}.diff.gz
wget ${site}libdvdcss_${version}.dsc
dpkg-source -x libdvdcss_${version}.dsc
cd libdvdcss-${uversion}
fakeroot ./debian/rules binary
echo "Any problems?  Interrupt now (control-c) and try to fix"
echo "manually, else go on and install (return)."
dpkg -i ../libdvdcss${soname}_${version}_${arch}.deb