A simple shell script wrapper to start / stop / restart NFSv4 service on CentOS / RHEL v.6.x server in a particular order. This script also demonstrates how to use the ln command to create soft links to the same script and take a different action as per $0.

# A simple shell script wrapper start / stop / restart nfsv4 services on CentOS / RHEL 
# based systems.
# Tested on: RHEL / CentOS but can be ported to Debian or other distros.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Author: nixCraft 
# Copyright: 2009 nixCraft under GNU GPL v2.0+
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Last updated: 20/Mar/2013 - Added support for RHEL 6.x
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Who am I?
## RHEL/CentOS init.d script names
_server="/etc/init.d/rpcbind /etc/init.d/rpcidmapd /etc/init.d/nfslock /etc/init.d/nfs"
_client="/etc/init.d/rpcbind /etc/init.d/rpcidmapd /etc/init.d/nfslock"
## Run either server or client script with the following action:
# stop|start|restart|status
	local i="$1"
	local a="$2"
	for t in $i
		$t $a
	echo "$_me start|stop|restart|reload|status";
	exit 0
[ $# -eq 0 ] && usage 
## Main logic
case $_me in
	nfs.server) runme "$_server" "$_action" ;;
	nfs.client) runme "$_client" "$_action" ;;
	*) usage

How do I use this script?

Download and install the script nfs.rc in ~/bin/:
chmod +x nfs.rc
ln -s nfs.rc nfs.server
ln -s nfs.rc nfs.client

To start / stop / restart nfsv4 server services in a single go:
# ~/bin/nfs.server stop
# ~/bin/nfs.server status
# ~/bin/nfs.server start
# ~/bin/nfs.server restart

To start / stop / restart nfsv4 clients in a single go, enter:
# ~/bin/nfs.client stop
# ~/bin/nfs.client start
# ~/bin/nfs.client restart
# ~/bin/nfs.client status

Sample outputs:

rpcbind (pid  2379) is running...
rpc.idmapd (pid 7410) is running...
rpc.statd (pid  2397) is running...
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