Shell Script For Collecting Information on the Linux Network Configuration

in Categories Networking last updated June 2, 2009

This shell script is tested under CentOS / RHEL and Fedora Linux. It should also work under other Linux distributions. If you would like to collect and submit information on your network configuration to your sr. Linux / UNIX admin use this script.

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  1. Thanks for the great scripts… I’m currently trying to up my skills on shell programming and these are extremely useful and very cleanly written. Please keep them coming!

  2. I recieved this when running the script,,,,,The Network Configuration Info Written To Please email this file to

    im using Centos 5.3

  3. Hi.

    This is a very good script. I modified it, because i needed an output of “dmidecode”. I thought it’s useful…


  4. good day,vivek.

    I am currently developing a project that is similar to ftp by using shell script.In my project,I try to implement one replication technique called Read-One-Write-All (ROWA).Do you have any idea how to develop the sourcecode or if possible,any similar project that I could refer to.
    Thank you.

  5. This a great script!!!

    I but one more line, to send email

    cat “$OUTPUT” | mail $SUPPORT_ID -s “The Network Configuration Info $(hostname)”

  6. Hi, Vivek.
    Just wanted to say i like reading your articles and other info on this site.
    You and Dag Weeirs are the super gurus of RHEL/CentOS that i know about :)))


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