Shell script to get uptime, disk , cpu , RAM , system load, from multiple Linux servers – output the information on a single server in html format

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Shell script to get uptime, disk usage, cpu usage, RAM usage, system load, etc; from multiple Linux servers and output the information on a single server in html format

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  1. cane i have a help on my project please?
    i’m a student in univercity in morocco and i have a project to do before the end of this week
    create a shell script with the name infoprocess wich ,when i tappe name proc1 name proc2…to name procn shows me informations about them like that:
    i’m waiting for your ansewer and thank you all

  2. Thanks for this code.

    I am new to bash script and am making an application to gather system info. Your example of how too get CPU and RAM info is great.

  3. I’m getting this when running the script:
    awk: BEGIN{print ”
    awk: ^ unterminated string

    has anyone seen this before?

  4. hi,
    i am new in scripting. i try run this script, but it always promt me password

    [root@amranlinux src]# ./check-linux
    Network Status

    My Network Info
    Generated on Tue Jun 23 17:16:07 MYT 2009

    root@’s password:

  5. hi,
    i am very new to shell script program, i tried u r script but i don’t know how to proceed
    and if run the script i am getting this error
    kindly guide me how to run the script ,

    script output !

    My Network Info
    <span style=color:
    Generated on Fri Oct 3 16:41:02 GMT 2008

    ./ line 110: syntax error near unexpected token newline'
    ./ line 110:
    echo ”

    thanks & regards


  6. This link

    is no longer valid…..

  7. Moussa NDIAYE: If you were such a “guru” you would probably guess that he just copied the script as is,
    cat -n somefile gets you linenumbers…guru my ass ;)

  8. I have installed this script in to /var/www/html/ directory and changed name to info.html.
    I ran this script from command line
    and I got an error line 110
    and 126

    What is next how do I run this script?

    1. Dipak,

      You cannot simply rename a Bash script to *.html.

      from the comments within the script itself:
      # Execute script as follows (and copy .gif file in this dir) :
      # > /var/www/html/info.html


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