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Linus Torvalds, of the Linux kernel

Let us see who created Linux and why Linux kernel and operating systems exist today.

Who created Linux?

Linux kernel was created by a Finnish software engineer named Linus Torvalds.

Why was the Linux kernel created?

In 1991, Linus Torvalds was studying UNIX at university, where he was using a special educational, experimental purpose operating system called Minix (a small version of UNIX to be utilized in the academic environment). However, Minix had its limitations, and Linus felt he could create something better. Therefore he developed his version of Minix, known as Linux. Linux was Open Source right from the start.

Linux is a kernel developed by Linus. The kernel was bundled with system utilities and libraries from the GNU project to create a usable operating system. Sometimes people refer to Linux as GNU/Linux because it has system utilities and libraries from the GNU project. Linus Torvalds is credited for creating the Linux Kernel, not the entire Linux operating system [1].

Linux distribution

Linux distribution == Linux kernel + GNU system utilities and libraries + Installation scripts + Management utilities and more.

Please note that Linux is now packaged for different uses in Linux distributions, which contain the sometimes modified kernel along with a variety of other software packages tailored to different requirements such as:

  1. Server
  2. Desktop
  3. Workstation
  4. Routers
  5. Various embedded devices
  6. Mobile phones

More information on Linus Torvalds can be found on his blog or wikipedia article.

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  1. GNU/Linux FAQ by Richard Stallman

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