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Linux is available for download over the Internet. However, this is only useful if your Internet connection is fast. Another way is to order the DVDs/CD-ROMs, which saves time, and the installation is quick and automatic. I recommend the following most popular Linux distributions.

  • Fedora Linux - Fedora is a distribution of Linux based on Red Hat linux, developed by the Fedora Project. Fedora is good for both desktop and laptop usage including sys admins.
  • CentOS Linux - CentOS is a community-supported, mainly free software operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS is good for server usage.
  • Debian Linux - Debian focuses on stability and security and is used as a base for many other distributions such as Ubuntu. Debian stable is good for server usage.
  • Ubuntu Linux - Ubuntu originally based on the Debian Linux distribution. Ubuntu is designed primarily for desktop usage, though netbook and server editions exist as well.
  • OpenSuse Linux - openSUSE is a general purpose Linux distribution and sponsored by Novell. However, it is quite popular on Laptop and desktop usage.
  • Slackware Linux - It was one of the earliest operating systems to be built on top of the Linux kernel and is the oldest currently being maintained. Slackware is pretty popular among the hardcore Linux users and sys admins.
  • Linux Mint Linux - Linux Mint provides an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usability and ease of installation.
  • PCLinuxOS Linux - PCLinuxOS comes with KDE Plasma Desktop as its default user interface. It is a primarily free software operating system for personal computers aimed at ease of use.
  • Mandriva Linux - Mandriva Linux is a French Linux distribution distributed by Mandriva. It uses the RPM Package Manager.
  • Sabayon Linux - Sabayon is based upon Gentoo Linux and it follows the OOTB (Out of the Box) philosophy, having the goal to give the user a wide number of applications ready to use and a self-configured operating system.
  • Arch Linux - Arch Linux is a Linux distribution intended to be lightweight and simple. The design approach of the development team focuses on simplicity, elegance, code correctness and minimalism.
  • Gentoo Linux - Gentoo Linux is a computer operating system built on top of the Linux kernel and based on the Portage package management system.

You can get a Linux distribution from the leading computer magazines such as PC Quest or Digit. Most Linux books from your local bookstore also include a Linux distribution. See the list of recommended Linux books.

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