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telnetd is an Open Source telnet server daemon (DARPA TELNET protocol server) for remote login. The telnetd server is normally started by the internet server called inetd or xinentd for requests to connect to the TELNET port number 23. Telnet is used to provide an interactive text-oriented communications using a virtual terminal. A user will login to a UNIX like / Linux server or a Cisco router using telnet. Telnet client and server applications are still used (as of mid-2011) on IBM Mainframes, maintenance of network equipments, industrial & embedded systems, cable modems, adsl routers etc.


Telnet is an insecure protocol as it open your computer to unencrypted network communication (by default it does not encrypt any data sent over the connection including usernames and passwords). It is recommended that you use OpenSSH server and client for the remote access.

Install telnetd

To install telnetd under Debian or Ubuntu Linux, enter:

sudo apt-get install telnetd telnet

To install telnetd under Redhat / RHEL / Fedora / CentOS Linux, enter:

yum install telnet-server telnet

Telnet command

The telnet command allow you to communicate with a remote computer that is using the Telnet protocol and telnetd server. Use the following commands to manage a Linux server using telnet based client / server application:


You need to replace the name of the server - to which you want to connect.

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