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Displaing zenity based calendar using shell script

GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) is a cross-platform, highly usable, feature rich toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. It comes with an easy to use API. GTK+ it is written in C, but has bindings to many other popular programming languages such as C++, Python and C# among others. It is one of the most popular toolkits for the X Window System, along with FLTK and Qt.

Dialogs for GNOME (GTK+)

You can use zenity command to display or create the following types of GTK+ based simple dialog using shell scripts:

  1. Display calendar dialog.
  2. Display text entry (input) dialog.
  3. Display error dialog.
  4. Display file selection dialog.
  5. Display list dialog.
  6. Display progress indication dialog.
  7. Display scale dialog.
  8. Display message dialog such as:
    1. Error messages.
    2. Information messages.
    3. Question messages.
    4. Warning messages.

Supported GTK+ Desktop Systems

Following Linux and UNIX based environments use GTK+:

Dialogs for KDE

KDE is a free software and desktop system that runs on on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems. However, it is best known for its Plasma Desktop, a desktop environment provided as the default working environment on many Linux distributions, such as openSUSE, Mandriva Linux, Kubuntu, and others.

kdialog command

KDialog is just like zenity but it is designed for KDE desktop / qt apps. KDialog can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts.

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