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CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System. CentOS is an Enterprise Linux distribution based on the freely available sources from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Each CentOS version is supported for 7 years (by means of security updates). A new CentOS version is released every 2 years and each CentOS version is periodically updated (roughly every 6 months) to support newer hardware. This results in a secure, low-maintenance, reliable, predictable and reproducible Linux environment.

CentOS vs Redhat Linux

CentOS use Red Hat's source code to create a final product very similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. However, Red Hat's branding and logos are changed or removed because Red Hat does not allow them to be redistributed as Red Hat is trademark.

Typical userbase

Centos is targeted or marketed at the following userbase:

  1. Mainframes
  2. Servers (especially LAMP, database, proxy, mail, file and other servers)
  3. Workstations
  4. Desktops

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