A shell script to check domain serial numbers across all name servers

in Categories Domain last updated March 7, 2009

Sample output

$ ./zonev cyberciti.biz

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  1. wat does dis line of code exactly does
    function logecho
    echo “$*” | sed “s/^/[$(date ‘+%Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S’)] /”

    return $?

  2. Could any one explain what the following line does in the code?

    echo -e “$NS1 # $S1\n$NS2 # $S2\n$NS3 # $M”
    $NAMED_CHKZON -q -t $CZBASE $d ${ZPREF}.${d}
    [ $? -eq 0 ] && echo “$d : OK”
    [ $S1 -eq $S2 -a $S1 -eq $M -a $S2 -eq $S1 -a $S2 -eq $M -a $M -eq $S1 -a $M -eq $S2 ] \

    1. Print all 3 name servers:

      Check zone file

      Report it back:

      If all serial numbers are same on all name servers give message, else ask to reload master named.


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