Monitoring Scripts (MS)

It is a bunch of bash shell scripts+perl scripts to monitor FreeBSD and Linux system. At the movement, I am working on FreeBSD scripts and later, all scripts will be port on Linux. (Start date May 19, 2005)

License & Copyright Info

Monitoring Scripts Copyright (C) 2005 Vivek G Gite [vivek AT cyberciti DoT BIZ]
Monitoring Scripts is licensed under GNU GPL version 2.0 or above.


(a) FreeBSD
BASH shell with soft link at /bin/bash and perl
(b) Linux
BASH shell and perl

FreeBSD Installation

(1) Login as root user and create directory:
mkdir p /usr/local/etc/bashmonscripts

(2) Download the file

(3) Copy defaults.conf file to /usr/local/etc/bashmonscripts

(4) Edit the file for BASE directory parameter. Set your scripts directory location, default is /home/vivek/scripts/monitoring change it to your location

(5) Download paths.FreeBSD & functions.FreeBSD and copy them to BASE/init directory:
mkdir -p /home/vivek/scripts/monitoring/init
cd /home/vivek/scripts/monitoring/init

(6) Now you can run the almost all monitoring shell Scripts (MS) downloaded from our site

(7) Problems with scripts? Send an email to @ vivek AT cyberciti DOT biz.